The EPA ban on conventional outdoor wood boilers if not EPA Phase II qualified did not effect Outdoor Coal Boilers. Nature's Comfort LL has a complete line of outdoor coal (multi-fuel) boilers. 


250,000 BTU
Stove Size: 78L x 45W x 85H
Heating Area: Up to 6,000 sqft
Weight: 2370 lbs
Water Jacket: 250 gal
Water Jacket Thickness – 3/16″ Steel
Fire Box Dimensions – 40L x 28W x 30H
Fire Box Thickness – 1/4″ Steel
Insulation – Fiberglass R-19 w/ Foil Foam, Double Insulated All The Way Around

Nature's Comfort model GT-6000

Introductory Price $8,980
How does the GT6000 work?

The new EPA Phase II Qualified GT-6000 Downdraft Gasification Wood Boiler is a 2-stage outdoor wood burning furnace that has a jet-engine inspired secondary burn chamber designed to heat the stage 1 burning wood exhaust to temperatures so high that unburned fuel left in the stage 1 exhaust is ignited for a 2nd stage of burning.  

Not wasting any heat, the stage 2 exhaust is then sent up through 2 sets of six pipes with butterfly diverters to again spin the hot exhaust gases. The heat exchanger pipes are surrounded by a flow of water from the circulating pump. This pulls even more heat into the water finishing the burning & heating process to make the GT Series the most efficient, reliable & cost effective gasification outdoor wood boiler you can find!

The wood gasification process has made heating with wood more efficient. If you go to our youtube site you will find several videos that will explain the wood gasification process and show information on the high efficiency wood boilers that we sell. You can visit our Youtube site by clicking this link. Below are a few videos we have made on the GT-6000 outdoor wood gasification boiler.
Outdoor Wood Gasification Boilers by Nature's Comfort, model GT-6000.

Outdoor wood gasification boilers by Nature's Comfort.We have Wood heating products to provide Comfort to your home, shop or pole barn. Heating with wood has moved to the next level with these high efficiency low emissions wood gasification boilers manufactured by Nature's Comfort. Alternative Energy Solutions can provide you with an outdoor wood boiler that uses wood gasification to produce the most BTU's possable from your seasoned cord wood. Our EPA phase II qualified boilers from Nature's Comfort, model GT-6000 produce 250,000 btu/hr. The GT-6000 uses wood gasification to meet the new standards of the EPA (NSPS). Contact us today for a quote at (248) 681-7787 or email us at

For more information on these wood gasification boilers please contact us directly by phone or email @ (248) 681-7787 or

Pictured below is the model GT-6000 from Nature's Comfort. This outdoor wood gasification boiler is EPA phase II qualied and is based on the GT220 wood gasification boiler that has been providing customers with heating Comfort since it's design. Nature's Comfort outdoor wood gasification boiler is now in it's 3rd major version, and is certified with the EPA as the G-6000. This outdoor model is powerful enough to heat multiple buildings using underground insulated pipe to send the hot water to one  or more buildings  you want to heat. 

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