Outdoor Wood Gasification Boilers by Aqua-Therm and Wood Boiler LLC.

Outdoor wood gasification boilers by Aqua-Therm.We have Wood heating products to provide Comfort to your home, shop or pole barn. Heating with wood has moved to the next level with these high efficiency low emissions wood gasification boilers manufactured by Wood Boiler LLC and sold through Aqua-Therm. Alternative Energy Solutions can provide you with an outdoor wood boiler that uses wood gasification to produce the most BTU's possable from your seasoned cord wood. Our EPA phase II qualified boilers from Aqua-Therm use wood gasification to meet the new standards of the EPA (NSPS). Aqua-Therm also produces a commercial line of wood boilers and a coal line of boilers not effected by the EPA ban. Contact us today for a quote at (248) 681-7787 or email us at richard@woodheatmi.com

The wood gasification process has made heating with wood more efficient. If you go to our youtube site you will find several videos that will explain the wood gasification process and show information on the high efficiency wood boilers that we sell. You can visit our Youtube site by clicking this link.
For more information on these wood gasification boilers please contact us directly by phone or email @ (248) 681-7787 or richard@woodheatmi.com

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