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   The alternative heating product that we sell, install and service include;   Outdoor Wood Gasification Boilers and Indoor Wood Gasification Boilers that are EPA Phase II qualified and NYSDEC approved for our New York State customers. The GT-6000 is a 250,000 btu/hr outdoor wood gasification boiler that is able to heat up to 6,000 square feet. Our indoor wood gasification boiler is the Empyre Elite that comes in 2 sizes, the Elite 100 that is rated at 125,000 btu/hr and the Elite200 which has a max rating of 220,000 btu/hr.  Click on the "Products" page below to see the units that we have available for New York State. You can also find more information on our other web site at:

Outdoor Wood Gasification Boilers, Indoor Wood Gasification Boilers, EPA PhaseII Qualified, NYSDEC Approved. NYSDEC approved wood boilers. Nayure's Comfort GT-6000 outdoor wood gasification boiler. Empyre Elite indoor wood gasification boiler.

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