We now have a brand new High Efficiency product available that can provide you with the Highest Efficiency Zone Heating and Cooling from the same beautiful cost effective product. Our manufacture, Aqua Zone Comfort has just released the newest Pat. Pending product line, AquaMax Plus, Eco Smart Mantel system, the "Onbia" Zone heating and cooling with Ambiance. Visit our new Web site at http://www.alternativeheatingandcoolingsolutions.com to see this amazing product that can save you thousands of dollars over conventional products, and add instant valve to your home. Click the link below.

Nature's Comfort GT-6000.

Wood Gasification Boilers EPA phase II qualified

Outdoor and Indoor wood gasification boilers. People know you can use Wood heating to provide Comfort to your home, shop or pole barn to save money. Now heating with WOOD has moved to the next level with these high efficiency low emissions wood gasification boilers. Alternative Energy Solutions can provide you with an outdoor wood boiler or Indoor wood boiler that uses wood gasification to produce the most BTU's possable from your seasoned cord wood. Our EPA phase II qualified boilers from Pro-Fab come in both indoor and outdoor models. The Empyre Elite and the Empyre Elite XT both use wood gasification to meet the new standards of the EPA (NSPS). Contact us today for a quote at (248) 681-7787 or email us at richard@woodheatmi.com We also have Our Nature's Comfort wood boiler line,the EPA phase II qualified high efficiency outdoor wood gasification boiler by Nature's Comfort is the GT-6000. This 250,000 btu/hr rated outdoor boiler is the lowest priced outdoor gasifier in it's class. Nature's Comfort still has a complete line of "commercial" use wood boilers and a complete line of coal boilers. Our "coal boilers are not effected by the EPA ban, and are multi-fuel boilers. We also still have our original manufactures products from Aqua-Therm, they have been building wood boilers since 1983. Aqua-Therm along with Wood Boiler LLC now has several new models of EPA qualified boilers along with their commercial and coal models.

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High efficiency SEER 20 zone heating and cooling using our new Eco Smart Mantel mini-split heat pump system. Contact us today for more info. Great for new construction, remodel, addition or to fix a hot or cold room only.

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