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    Alternative heating products are what we sell, install and service. The products include;   Outdoor Wood Gasification Boilers and Indoor Wood Gasification Boilers that are EPA Phase II qualified and NYSDEC approved for our New York State customers. The GT-6000 is a 250,000 btu/hr outdoor wood gasification boiler that is able to heat up to 6,000 square feet. Our indoor wood gasification boilers start with the Empyre Elite. Elite comes in 2 sizes, the Elite 100, rated at 125,000 btu/hr and the Elite200 which has a max rating of 220,000 btu/hr. Also available is the Effecta Lambda wood log gasification boiler. Effecta boilers come in 3 sizes, 25kW, 35kW and 60kW. These batch type boilers are from Sweden and with properly sized water storage batteries can many times allow you to go several days between firings, (or batches).  Click on the "Products" page link above to see the "Outdoor" or "Indoor" wood boilers that we have available for you in New York State.

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Alternative Heating products that will save you money on your winter COMFORT.

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Nature's Comfort Outdoor wood gasification boiler model GT-6000, NYSDEC approved.

Empyre Elite 100 & Elite 200 indoor wood gasification boilers. EPA phase II qualified.

Effecta Lambda available in 3 sizes. 25kW, 35kW, 60kW.

Here is a link to our You Tube video's of the Empyre Elite Indoor Wood Gasification Boilers. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO'S
Alternative heating products approved for use in New york State.