Indoor wood gasification boilers manufactured by Pro-Fab are EPA phase II qualified. Models include the Empyre Elite 100, a 125,000 btu/hr rated down draft gasifier. The Empyre Elite 200 that is max rated at 220,000 btu/hr. These boilers are high efficiency low emissions indoor boilers. For more information and photo's you can visit us on the web at: http://www,

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Indoor wood boilers: Empyre Elite,Effecta Lambda Indoor Wood Gasification Boilers.

Empyre Elite & Effecta Lambda wood Gasification boilers.

We have made a few videos on youtube about the Empyre Elite, so if you'd like to learn more about them through videos follow this link to our You Tube site.

Effecta Lambda indoor wood log gasification boilers are also available. These units are from Sweden and have been in use for decades. Time tested and warrantied for 20 years. The Effecta is a "batch" type boiler that uses water storage ( batteries) to allow them to only be run when the storage battery water temperature is no longer sufficient to meet the heating demands.  With proper sized batteries many users go days between burns except during the very coldest days of winter. These Effecta boilers also have optional pellet burner, so you can burn both products.

Effecta Lambda gasification boilers come in 3 sizes, 25 kW, 35kW, 60 kW.

*** Newest models have digital control screen and built in mixing control valve, (great for use with radiant heat applications) that helps reduce hot water usage by up to 25%. 

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